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Dom Loraine
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Dom Loraine Vocals are great. Sound kinda gruff. Not the usual. Sparse production, autumnal vibes. Love it. Favorite track: You probably shouldn't stand in the rain..
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Recorded by Phil Booth at JT Soar on 30th June 2013
Mastered by Joe C at Subsequent Mastering
Coming out on tape/download on WOLF TOWN DIY in September 2013


released July 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Sleepers Warwickshire, UK


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Track Name: You probably shouldn't stand in the rain.
There was a time I never thought I’d say goodbye,
But I guess time changes everything,
And now the sun beats down on me and dries out my clothes,
I don’t need to wait for you in the rain

Sun dries out my clothes

The summer brings a new life but lets just see what happens,
Because everything looks different in the winter

I was so drenched by the rain,
But now I'm dry and I always carry a jacket.
Track Name: What's the number for 999?
Small disputes can sink a ship and I'm up to my neck,
If only we could sail apart we’d have a chance to live

I'm sorry you don’t feel like you can be yourself with me,
And I'm sorry we made each other sad and it ended up like this

Instead of saving us both we decided to drown together,
If this is my last act then I want you to know that it’s OK

I’d love to say that I'm happy to drown with you,
But I think we both have so much more to give.
Track Name: Victory is mine.
Blue sea surrounds me as what’s left sinks around
Treading water not sure which way is safe
You reach out to save me
But as our eyes meet I know it’s all wrong

Because you’ll never look at me the same
And I’ll never remember the past with a smile

I’d rather drown than be in your arms again
I’ll build a boat and learn to sail or I’ll swim until my arms fail
I’d rather drown than be in your arms again
Because I’m not treading water waiting for someone else to save me
I’d rather drown than be in your arms again
I’d rather this ocean swallow me whole than feel your breath on my face as you sleep
I’d rather drown than be in your arms again
Because I’m done with this

I’ll swim to shore and never look back
The grass isn’t always greener don’t you know
And If I’m singing the song in 10 years time at least something good came of this
Track Name: Tree, tree, twig.
How many times have you looked into the wide ocean?
And felt regret and sad and trapped

And have you ever thought that your life isn’t set in stone?
It’s potential is unlimited

You are dying but not living because of a twig